468 Central Ave. Greenwood NS

Church History

Trinity Pentecostal Church became a reality because of the vision of Sidney and Bernice Spurrell. Cottage meetings were held in the Spurrell’s home with Harry and Elsie Hopper and their family attending. God’s blessing was upon them from the beginning, soon other families came and the need for the building to worship in was apparent.

Rev. Earl Murdock became the Pastor, and the Maritime District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada bought a small building and property. With the combined efforts of the congregation the building was renovated and was able to accomodate 70 people. Other churches helped this small home mission church with the donation of chairs, a pulpit, a communion table, and money. The first board members were elected, they were Sidney Spurrell, Harry Hopper, and Fred Finley.

Services were conducted here for the next four years. The congregation grew and during this time the Lord continued to bless the people. Baptisms were held, one of particular note was held at the home of Clinton Bruce, where nine members of his family were baptised.

Again it was realized that more space was needed for this groing congregation. A need for individual Sunday School Classrooms, and larger sanctuary facilities were obvious. Land was purchased from Milford Jefferson, and a planning committee consisting of Fred Finley, Sonny Davidson, Eugene Lohnes, Mel Boone, Gordon Taylor, and Milford Jefferson was formed. Construction began in August of 1978, and the Dedication Service was held on September 29th, 1979.

Eighty percent of the labour was given by the men and women of the congregation. Difficulties arose during the construction when three walls were blown down in a severe storm, later, high winds caused the collapse of the raftors. After the church was finished lightning struck and damaged the chimney, roof, and ceiling of the church. Barring all these discouragements, the building was completed in just a little over a year, and had a seating compacity of 200-225.

Upon the resignation of Pastor Murdock, Pastor Carl Sawler accepted the call to pastor the church. In the spring of 1983, after much seeking for an ideal location for a parsonage, land was purchased in the Jefferson Sub-Division. The board members, Herb Townsend, John Phinney, Clinton Bruce and Fred Finley were also the Building Committee, with Fred Finley being the Supervisor. In June of 1983 the Sawlers moved into the parsonage.

From the beginning of this small mission church, the Lord has blessed the congregation abundantly, and now being self supported, are able to help other small churches in their early beginnings.